Why a Branded Online Presence is More Important Today Than Ever Before!

branded online presence

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, there were plenty of businesses that survived solely offline. Unlike online businesses, these businesses were either around for a long time, were physically located on busy streets, had recurring customers, or provided a really great product or service that people loved. Some of them may not even have a distinctive name or logo but grew from traditional marketing practices like word of mouth, flyers, posters, and announcements, etc.

Need for Identity: Branding

branded online presence

With widespread “stay at home” and “social distancing” guidelines, existing traditional business marketing systems have toppled. Prior to COVID, many restaurants operated with on-premises dining only, but now they are trying to get into online ordering and delivery. However, to sell online and be found online, a memorable brand is necessary.

For example, previously, it was always easy to say, let us buy a falafel sandwich from the store behind the city garden. But now, when you try to order from them online, it is tough to search for them as they don’t have a proper brand or identity. Other than just identity, a brand has many other benefits. For example, a strong brand helps:

  • Customers remember your brand and product better.
  • Customers talk about your brand more or tell them exactly who you are when they are recommending you
  • Customers find you online easily or in review websites to give you a good review.
  • You portray your identity and business message better.
  • You can attract customers from different areas, not just in the neighborhood of your physical location.

Online Address vs. Offline: Domain Name

branded online presence

Other than a brand, a business needs an online address or, in other words, a domain name with a website. In the past, businesses could grow offline if they are in high trafficked areas or good strategic locations. For example, a shop next to a bus stop often got a good amount of business from travelers and people walking by as well as the bus drivers. However, in these “new” times. It is for sure that the amount of business to these stores from local passersby is not that great. Thus, having an online presence is more necessary than ever. Your online website is available 24/7 to market your business and attract customers, even when you are sleeping.

Now more than ever, choosing the right online address that explains your business becomes crucial too. Here a few tips on choosing the right web address for your business:

  • Use the keyword term that explains your business or the term your customer would type when searching online.
    For example, let us take the case of Soap.club, a website that sells soap and has a membership subscription model to deliver handmade soaps monthly to your house. Movie.club is a great domain name for a movie streaming subscription service.
  • Choose short domain names so that it is easy to remember, display and recognize.
    For example, Agro.club is a great example of a domain that’s memorable, brandable, and short. Car.club is a great example for a domain name for a car rental business.
  • Choose a trusted domain extension like .CLUB that is secure, brandable and adds meaning and value to your name.
    For example, Bespokeshirt.club is a great domain name that explains their business and the word club indicates membership and community and adds value to the domain name and makes it meaningful. Coupon.club is a perfect name that adds meaning to the domain name and instantly adds a great value.

We hope these tips were helpful to get your business online and start selling online. If you are looking for great brandable domain names for your business, head to DomainSearch.club.

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