Why is .Club going to be in the first batch? — A response from DigitalArcheryExperts.com

Peter LaMantia • At Digital Archery Experts (DAE), qualifying for batch one is the only measure of success. As such, our offer is a success fee of $20K. Anything less than qualifying a client for batch one, will result in no cost to the client.

DAE is affiliated with .CLUB DOMAINS. At .CLUB, we are laser focused for success and have spared no expense to address any challenge with contingencies that ICANN may present. It is paramount for .CLUB to achieve batch one. We will not fail and invite a limited number of clients on a first come / first served basis to share in that success.

Our technology team is lead by Dirk Bhagat, former CTO at Hostopia.com who brings to bear significant technical prowess unmatched in the industry. This is not drop catching; this is one shot firing from one moving platform to another moving platform with millisecond precision.

Regarding the uncertainty: ICANN is expected to provide specifications shortly and we will be prepared to adjust with contingencies considered and then calibrate the system based on final specifications. Any applicant interested in learning how we can hit a Batch One Bullseye are invited to contact me.

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