Yes We Con! .CLUB Starts 2016 At NamesCon and Comic Con


Yes we Con! In the spirit of our hashtag #ClubIsEverywhere, the .CLUB team started 2016 with a bang at two great “con” events: NamesCon in Las Vegas, followed immediately by the Magic City Comic Con in Miami.

Master of the Domains

We are very proud to have been a sponsor of NamesCon since it’s very first event in January 2014.  Thanks to the great leadership of Richard Lau, Jothan Frakes, James Morfopoulos, and now Terri Potratz the 2016 edition of NamesCon was a great success for .CLUB and for the industry.  With a stellar turnout of 1200 industry players, the Tropicana became ground zero for anyone interested in the domain name Industry, from registries and registrars to leading and aspiring domain investors, and the key participants in the aftermarket and domain name sales business.  It was a great place for us to meet with our existing partners and establish new relationships.

Was it real? During CES SnapChat has their logo on the side of the famed Luxor hotel. During NamesCon the .CLUB logo magically appeared in its place...

Was it real? During CES SnapChat had their logo on the side of the famed Luxor hotel. During NamesCon the .CLUB logo magically appeared in its place…

NamesCon is also a conference where business happens and in addition to selling 5 names in the very successful Right of the Dot auction, we were actively selling premium names right from our booth, with several successful sales made on the NamesCon exhibit floor.  Stay tuned for our next Premium Name Sales Report for more details.

ComicCon Is One Massive Fan Club

The day after we returned from Las Vegas we were setting up for the massively popular Magic City Comic Con in Miami.  With geek culture and comic book inspired movies and TV shows continuing to gain wider and wider popularity Comic Cons across the country have seen tremendous growth, and the Magic City Comic Con in Miami is no exception.  Thousands showed up to express their fandom, many in elaborate costumes (“Cosplay”), to pay their respects (and fees for photos and autographs) to cult stars including Barry Bostwick (“Rocky Horror Picture Show”), Billie Piper (“Doctor Who”), Brent Spiner (“Star Trek: TNG”), Bill Nye the Science Guy, and many, many others.2016-01-15 12.21.39

So why would .CLUB exhibit at a ComicCon event?  Well, a .CLUB domain is perfect for fan communities and we already have many celebrities and sports figures using a .CLUB name for their fan sites.  Exhibiting at Magic City Comic Con was a great opportunity to introduce .CLUB to the many TV & Film stars, Writers and Artists, all with active fan followings, who were in attendance.  In addition, thousands of passionate consumers were given their chance to join the .CLUB.

(Of course, we also needed a venue for our own .CLUB superhero to wear his trademark costume!)

2016-01-15 13.51.50


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